Eltham Palace

A masterpiece of modern design, it dramatically shows the glamour and allure of 1930's style. Restored by English Heritage, Eltham Palace captures wonderfully the elegant lifestyle of its creators - Stephen and Virginia Courtauld and is a great place for conferences and meetings.In 1933 the site was leased to Stephen Courtauld, who constructed a modern house incorporating the Great Hall. The house was lavishly decorated in a variety of styles, reflecting the influence of Art Deco and contemporary ocean liners, as well as incorporating historical and classical motifs.From the fourteenth to the sixteenth centuries Eltham Palace was an important royal palace, a favoured resistance where successive monarchs spent Christmas and hunted in the surrounding parks. Edward IV built the magnificent Great Hall, which survives today, with its soaring hammerbeam roof and oriel windows.The grounds at Eltham Palace have a fascinating story to tell about the sites past inhabitants. Visitors are invited to explore the mix of medieval and modern design features, which typify this entire site. From the medieval remains of Queen Isabella's apartments (c.1315) to the Courtaulds' exotic rock garden, the grounds host a rich tapestry of design, which has evolved to the present day. English Heritage is undertaking ongoing restoration work to return the gardens to their 1930's splendor.

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